Our Publishing Service

We are happy to assist authors to publish material which we believe to be of merit, as printed hard copy and / or in electronic format. We also publish sheet music for composers and arrangers.

A. The publication of your text (in any language), images and / or manuscript music as printed hard copy.
We can arrange worldwide publication and distribution or your material on a print-on-demand basis. We can also arrange local printing of copies for you to distribute privately. We can can convert your material into a publication standard print-ready file. In addition, we have our own on-line sales and distribution facilities.

B. The publication of your text on Kindle:
We can arrange publication of your text in electronic format on Kindle (service available in a number of languages). We have a tax identity in the USA, which facilitates sales in the USA.

What can we publish? You can authorise us to publish material you have created yourself. You will need to ask permission to publish material created by 3rd parties, such as photographs taken by other family members - even if they are of you! If the photograph was taken by a professional photographer, they might charge a fee for you to publish it. If you have previously published material which is now out of print, you are free to re-negotiate publishing rights with anyone. You may have inherited copyrights from someone who created publishable material in the past.

Duration of Copyright
Copyright in published material lasts throughout the creators life and than passes to their heir(s) until the end of the calendar year in which the 70th anniversary of their death falls Copyright in unpublished material now follows the same rule as of August 1st 1989. Interim arrangements allow living heirs to benefits from copyright over such material until December 31st 2039, even if the original creator of the work died hundreds of years ago. Copyright law is a complex field - the above applies in the UK but not necessarily in the US, Canada etc. and there can be exceptions and special concessions, for example, an extension of copyright for French authors to cover the wartime period when publication of their works ceased.
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The establishment of copyright has to be your responsibility as the ‘author’:we will advise in general terms, strictly without guarantees.

For both hard-copy printing and e-formats, the process starts with an editable electronic copy of the source material. We can then quote for the whole publication process.

If the material is older then perhaps it is not available in an electronic format: in which case it will have to be scanned into memory. This process is not complex but it can be very time consuming and even the most sophisticated scanners will deliver an accuracy level determined by the whiteness of the paper and the contrast with blackness of the ink, page wear and creases; spots and marks; font type and size and the state of the spinal binding. The only way to determine the practicality and cost of an edited scan is to test the source material: to that end we would need you to lend the original to us; you would be responsible for the safe insured delivery of the material to us; for our part we will be responsible for its safe keeping during the evaluation process and its return.