Our Book Selling Service

Our aim is to turn your unwanted books into cash over a matter of weeks and months not years!

And to get you a good price!

We will price and sell your books worldwide, via our on-line marketing, pricing, storage, packing and shipping service.

We share the profits with you equally (50:50). We use our share of the profits to pay salaries and the costs of running the library. We pay your share of the profits quarterly directly into your bank account.

Any high value books we identify will be discussed with you; we may, for example, recommend selling at a specialist auction, which we can arrange for you.

Our service process in detail:

  • The range of books we can sell is much wider than you would see in a second-hand bookshop. If you are not sure about your books, please contact us by phone or email any details about them you may have already listed.
  • You are welcome to visit us by appointment. Please ring first on 01392 874371 to let us know and for directions.
  • If you are clearing a large volume of books (e.g. moving house) we can visit you: we can sort, pack and take the books. You are welcome to deliver books to us on the same basis.
  • We will then value each book and put them up for sale, priced by looking at comparable offerings on-line using our pre-defined quality criteria.
  • We can then give you an indication of the expected sales proceeds but we do reserve the right to reduce the sales price if the prices of comparable books are also reduced. Prices are regularly monitored using specialist software.
  • If you wish to withdraw a book at a later stage for whatever reason (this has not happened to us yet!) then we charge a handling fee of £1 per book plus shipment costs.
  • Our business is conducted according to our Terms and Conditions which are set out in the briefest of terms.

We cannot manage the sale of any of the following:

  • Bibles, Hymn books and the Book of Common Prayer (only because there are so many different editions)
  • Medical publications less than 100 years old
  • Technical material which is regularly updated, such as books on taxation or building regulations, and is less than 100 years old.
  • Part works such as model assembly kits
  • Pornography
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Guide books, directories, atlases, general English dictionaries less than 100 years old